I just wanted to thank you both again for going out of your way today to see Maya. You are both very special people in what you do for animals, and the difference you make. Tracey, you were right...Maya was out right where you thought. Not only did she get a great massage from you, Maya got a great adjustment and enjoyed some time with the magnetic machine from Dr. Shawn Dolan. I feel very blessed to have people like you to help me take care of the dogs I love so much. Maya sends you both hugs : )
M.M. of Grand Rapids, MI.
My dog was having trouble in agility and all of a sudden did not like it. I took him to Tracey for a massage and she steered my in the right direction to fix his problem. He needed to have his muscles in his upper back strengthened. Tracey told me about on the ball exercises and the benefit of chiropractic adjustment and acupuncture. My dog went back to running in agility and earned his PAX. He also qualified for the AKC Agility Nationals invitational 2011. He made it to the finals and placed fourth in the 12 inch preferred division. He is still running agility and is a very happy boy. I think all of this did wonders for his confidence also because he is now a certified therapy dog. B.M. of Battle Creek
I began to see Tracey Wade 10 to 15 years ago. My primary complaints were headaches and a very arthritic shoulder. After working with her for several months, both the headaches and shoulder vastly improved. During those years, I also had some lower back and hip pain; those also abated. I can't describe how much her massages have helped me; both with pain and overall relaxation. In addition, Tracey is a warm, caring person who goes out of her way to help people and take a personal interest in them. I would highly recommend her; not only for those who have specific problems, but for anyone who needs relaxation and a general sense of well being. B.R. of Kalamazoo
Tracey is skilled and caring, with both dogs and people. She has massaged me and my agility dogs for several years. This past summer when I was having back problems she made extra time for me, and I don't know how I would have managed to compete without her help. She is also pleasant personally and has an aura of security around her, which is important for body work. Highly recommended. E.N. of Ann Arbor 
I started to use massage for my dogs when my young one fell of the dog walk at full speed. He showed no signs of being sore but after a crash like that I knew he had to be sore. I had the massage therapist work on him and sure enough he was sore in his shoulder. Now I use massage as a diagnostic tool, my dogs can't tell me where they are sore and they hide their pain well. While herding my dog took a couple hard hits from an obstinate ram, when we got home our first call was to Tracey. Tracey can tell if there is any heat or inflammation that needs to be treated. She is also very willing to share her knowledge with you. I always come away from our massage session with some new piece of information. I count on Tracey to help me keep my dogs in top condition so we can continue to do what we enjoy doing for years to come. Renee of Grand Rapids, MI. Luther and Norman (Standard Schnauzers) 
In June, my 11 year old retriever-mix dog had surgery to repair torn ligaments in her right knee. Given that she was already severly arthritic, we were given a guarded prognosis for her to heal well. We were warned there was the strong possibility that the extra weight/pressure placed on her left leg during the healing of the right leg could lead to its damage also. We were told that the healing process would take 3-6 months, possibly longer. We were deeply saddened by the prospect that this injury may be signaling the "beginning of the end" for this sweet animal. She was in terrible pain. I have arthritis and have experienced the benefits of a good massage. I was hopeful that the same wouldbe true for our dog. Tracey Wade, Certified Massage Therapist for dogs, horses and people, came to the house when our dog was just 5 weeks post-op. The first massage lasted only twenty minutes as that was all our dog could tolerate. Tracey was very sensitive and gentle. Our dog had massages from Tracey again at weeks 6 and 7 post-op. Following the massage at week 7, I couldn't stop this silly old dog from chasing squirrels again in the back yard! Her progress was phenomenal! We continue the massages every 3-4 weeks. Our dog will always have arthritist and, thanks to Tracey's excellent work and care, will always be chasing squirrels. I recommend Tracey's skills to anyone for the ongoing health and happiness of the animals they love. C.B. of Portage, MI.
Tracey Wade has benn my massage therapist for approximately eight months. We have been meeting for weekly sessions, and I have been more that please with the results. I originally called Tracey because I was struggling with migraine headaches two or three times a month, of such severity that I could not go to work or continue my normal daily activity. I was experiencing a great deal of anxiety as well, and prementstrual symptons were very difficult to control. After three months of consistent appointments with Tracey, I am feeling as well as I did five years ago. My physical well-being has increased tenfold, and my mental well-being is improved as a result. I no longer have migraine headaches - ever- and am much calmer and more focused. I have known Tracey approximately eight years and found her to be a person of outstanding character and kind and caring. I trust her completely in matters of the physical and business matters. I recommend her highly. D.S of Portage, MI.
Over the past 5 years, due to both a fall and a surgery, I have had severe Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction. I have had physical therapy, limited chiropractic care, aqua therapy, home exercise and injections to the sacroiliac joint; all just to relieve pain and continue the use of my legs. All of these methods were of no avail in relieving the muscular pain and spasms I was having. After meeting Tracey Wade (TNW Therapeutic Massage) during a business event, she introduced me to her specialty of therapeutic massage. She began her work with me using an interview process that included history, details of my injury and next steps. Communication was a key characteristic of her work style. She worked with me on a multi-level approach. The first level was to work with me mentally to relieve anxiety during these sessions. I was anxious due to the extreme pain in my back, let and neck muscles and would react from long standing past experiences. She would help me keep focused and worked to relax me. The second level was to work with areas that were the most distressed in order to make me functional on a daily basis. This was very important to me since I have children and a business to keep up with. Finally, she has been working to give my muscles flexible and resiliency. By working each area with great expertise, Tracey has worked through some of my most challenging areas. Tracey's work with me has reduced my pain level; given me mobility and my life style has been improved immensely. Due to the disability this injury has caused me, Dr. T. Swartz, MD of Rheumatology, PC has requested myofascial release/massage therapy as a more effective method for this back disease in place of the traditional physical therapy. This was primarily due to the positive impact that TNW Therapeutic Massage has provided. It would be my recommendation to use TNW Therapeutic Massage for any muscular issues. D. of Kalamazoo, MI.
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