Everyone has at least one form of stress, either physical, mental and /or emotional. People keep going until the body has had enough and pain sets in. Pain is the way that the body communicates to us to let us know that it is time for help.
Massage and body work assists in healing the body. They assist in releasing tension, stress and pain so we can continue to function in our daily lives. Therapeutic massage is an effective and safe form of health care to address the day-to-day stress and to assist injury recovery or rehabilitation. Massage has been shown to assist with some of the following disorders and injuries: headaches, anxiety, depression, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, insomnia, fibromyalgia, sports injury, whiplash and much more.
Corporations and businesses have found that brining massage into the workplace for their employees helps increase productivity and decreases absenteeism and injuries on the job.
  • Improves circulation, which brings oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and fibers and removes lactic acid/toxins from the body.
  • Increases lymph fluid that assists in eliminating lactic acid/toxins that irritate fibers that cause headaches or inflammation.
  • Increases synovial fluid, a lubrication for the joints.
  • Relieves tension in the muscle fibers which can causes' chronic pain.
  • Internal organs are stimulated which improves digestion, immune system.
  • Stimulates nervous system and "re-pattern" spastic muscle that create knots and numbness.
  • Increases range of motion due to the connective tissue being stretch.
  • Endorphins are released, a natural pain reliever.
  • In addition, massage can assist with anxiety, depression, asthma, fibromyalgia, insomnia, carpal tunnel, whiplash, recovering from surgery or sports injury.
  • Physical and mental growth in infants and children is nurtured: it assures smoothness of physiological functions like breathing, heart rate, and digestion; enhances their self-concept; boosts their immune system; enhances the grace and stability of their movement; helps infants build relationships; enhances motor skills; improves mental development; provides for better sleep/awake behaviors' improves sociability and interaction behaviors. It has been shown to improve a calm mind; decrease psychological and behavioral problems such as aggressive personality, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and bulimia. Children in foster care or that have been adopted also benefit from massage.
TNW Therapeutic Massage uses a special massage lotion. Your massage session will take place in a warm, quiet room with soft music to help you relax. You will lie on a table, specially designed for your comfort. The therapist will discuss the desired outcome of your session with you as well as your chronic problem. This will determine the appropriate areas of your body that need to be worked. A full-body session includes your head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, back, legs and feet. Your body will be covered at all times with the exception of the area being worked on. Most massages are traditionally performed with the client unclothed; however, you may decide what amount of clothing you prefer to wear for your own comfort. Massages that are performed during seminars or events are usually done with clothes on. After a massage, it is best to drink as much water as you can. Water helps to remove toxins from the body and replenishes the muscles.
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