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Who and What is TNW Therapeutic Massage

TNW Therapeutic Massage is dedicated to assisting others upon their journey of healing at a professional level while providing a safe and nurturing environment to all.

Tracey Wade of TNW Therapeutic Massage is located at 7795 Douglas Ave., Kalamazoo, Michigan, 49009 (269) 377-5046.


TNW Therapeutic Massage caters to clients of all ages (infants, children, adults, seniors), males and females, women who are pregnant, people seeking counseling and recovering from surgery or injury and even the four-legged "friends" (dogs, horses and cats) at an off-site location.
About TNW Therapeutic Massage 

Tracey Wade is a Licensed Massage Therapist for human, Certified Massage Therapist canine and equine and Certified Canine Auqua Massage Therapist.  Tracey began massaging people in 1994 and received her certification in 1997 from Kalamazoo Center for the Healing Arts. Tracey also started massaging animals in 1996 and received her certification in 1999 from the world-renowned school Equissage in Virginia. Tracey became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2013 under new state regulations.  In March, 2018, Tracey attended water massage schooling for canine through PetMassage. Tracey completed a detailed class in Oncology Massage, for cancer patients, in 2022.

Tracey's many years of knowledge and experience, along with a natural touch of massaging both people and animals, makes her aware of how important it is to massage the whole body and not "just the problem".

Tracey combines different massage techniques together during a session to get the most benefits for that client during their session. The many techniques that Tracey is trained in include Deep Tissue Massage; Swedish Massage; Muscle Release Technique / Pin and Stretch; Cranial-Sacral Massage; Myofascial Release; Acupressure; Reflexology; Sports Massage; Geriatric Massage; Oncology Massage; Pregnancy Massage; Infant and Child Massage and TTouch Massage and Canine Water Massage for animals.

Tracey works very closely with her clients' doctors/vets, physical therapists (PT)/ rehabilitee personnel, counselors/psychotherapists, chiropractors (for both humans and animals) and animal owners.
Tracey provides knowledge of pain management techniques like stretching and strengthening of muscles that can be beneficial for assisting in the healing process to her clients.
Tracey desire to assist her clients in every way possible leads her to seek out seminars and classes to gain further knowledge of new techniques.
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TNW Therapeutic Massage, 7795 Douglas AVE., Kalamazoo, Michigan 49009 contact (269) 377-5046